ICSESI International Conference on Special Education and Social Inclusion

International Conference on Special Education and Social Inclusion

Special education has long been a topic that is often discussed by various parties. Until now special education continues to grow in an effort to provide decent education for children with special needs. In addition, special education also provides opportunities and space in an effort to prepare themselves to be independent both in daily activities, social, and in the field of vocational. However, special education still needs help from various parties and aspects. One of them is through social inclusion that can pay attention to them so as to get the opportunity to participate in the economic system, society and country.


The digital era is the age of delivering information by using the virtual world (digital). Media capabilities in the digital era make it easier for people to receive information faster than printed media. As a developing country, Indonesia is affected by the progress of this digital era. Special education and social inclusion also have an impact from this digital era. Information and new sciences can be easily gained so as to advance developments in special education and social inclusion.

The aims of this conference is to create a foundation for all intellectuals, educators and academicians and parents in the field of Special and inclusive Social to jointly exchange ideas and views on improving special and inclusive social education.in this digital era.

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